Whenever we have an opportunity, let us work for the good of all, and especially for those of the family of faith.

saint paul’s letter to the Galatians 6: 10

God gives each of us gifts. In giving us these gifts, God is inviting us to use them creatively and generously to love Him and to love other people.

At St Saviour’s we invite everyone to discover how they can be creative and generous in serving the needs of our church, our local community, and God’s beautiful world.


Teams are involved in every aspect of Church life – everything from helping homeless people find a bed for the night to helping children get to know God, and from raising money for charity to welcoming newcomers on a Sunday morning.


Groups are a great place to build community and develop lasting friendships. We have study groups which meet to study the Bible together or to pray together; groups which are largely social; and groups which meet together to share an activity.


From Monday to Thursday at 9am, a small group of clergy and lay people meet at the Parish Centre to say Morning Prayer together. On Tuesdays at 7pm and on Thursdays at 10am, we have quiet celebrations of Holy Communion.  Everyone is welcome – often or occasionally.