Our Font


Web001Our font, like that of many churches, is placed near the entrance of the church in order to remind us that baptism initiates us into the life of the Church.

Our font is eight-sided. This reminds us the seven days of creation, followed by “the eighth day” (the day after the Sabbath) on which Jesus rose from the dead. So our eight-sided font symbolises the new creation which Christ’s resurrection ushers in, and into which we enter at our Baptism.

There are four figures in the niches of our font, and four emblems in the panels. The niches show Christ as the Good Shepherd, and then three of the evangelists (St. Mark, St. Luke, and St. John) with their usual symbols (a lion, an ox, and an eagle, respectively). The panels between the figures contain a depiction of Christ as the Paschal Lamb, a depiction of the Holy Spirit as a dove descending, three fishes on a wavy background to represent water, and a cross.

Around the base of the font, written in Roman capitals, is an inscription saying that it was erected by Annie Eliza Krietmair, wife of Francis T.B. Kreitmair of Noctorum, in 1891. The font is made of alabaster.