Youth: Getting Involved

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Everyone can get involved, and make a difference, in the work of the Church.

Young people are warmly invited to be involved in all of the ministry areas listed on the Getting Involved section of our website. If you’d like to get involved, please speak with a member of the Ministry Team.

At the moment, we are particularly looking to recruit young people in the following ministries:



Church bell towers have been calling Christians to worship for over one and half thousand years. Here in Oxton, there are ten bells hung for ringing in our tower. Men, women, and young people at secondary school, are welcome to learn to ring. To read more, click here.



Choral music plays an important part in our services, raising our hearts and minds to the worship of God. There are a number of ways to be involved in our choral tradition – on either a regular or an occasional basis. More information is available about our Church Choirs and how to join them by clicking here.


Reading in Church

The Scriptures stand at the centre of all Christian teaching, and form a key part of all worship within the Church. At our services each Sunday, both lay people and clergy read passages from the Bible, and these passages form the basis of our reflections during the sermon. There’s a rota for lay people reading at each of our Sunday services.



Servers support the worship of the Church in a very direct way, assisting the clergy during services and, in many cases, ensuring that the sanctuary is prepared for the service to take place and that the vessels and books used in the services are put away safely afterwards. If you are a communicant member of our parish family, then we’d invite you to consider joining the serving team. For more information, click here.