At St Saviour’s, our Service for Candlemas takes place at 19.00am on Sunday 3 February.  This lovely service will include the traditional blessing of the candles for our church.  In the evening, at 6.30pm, we also have Carols for Candlemas. All are welcome!



Candlemas is the name given to the day each year when we remember the “presentation” of Jesus in the Jerusalem Temple – the occasion, forty days after his birth, when his parents took him to the Temple in accordance with the Law of Moses.

While Jesus was in the Temple, St Luke tells us, an elderly holy man named Simeon praised him as “a light to enlighten the nations”. For this reason, a tradition grew up of blessing the church’s supply of candles for the coming year on the day when we recall Christ’s presentation. This is where the name “Candlemas” came from. In some traditions, Candlemas is the end of Christmastime.

Simeon is an important figure for Anglicans, since his ‘song’ in praise of Jesus is sung or said by Anglicans around the world every day as part of our evening prayer.

Why not come and hear his story once more at our morning service, or in the evening at the Carol Service?


Event Date Title Location Map
Feb 3, 2019 - 10:00 am Candlemas St Saviour's Parish Church View