A time for remembering

IMG_1001Sunday 4 November this year is All Saints’ Sunday. In the morning, we celebrate men and women across the ages in whose lives the grace of God has been powerfully at work. We remember, too, that we are all called to be God’s saints, and we ask God to send anew his grace into our lives to make us the people He longs for us to be.

In the evening of Sunday 4 November, we have our annual All Souls’ Service: a lovely opportunity for us to gather together in Church to remember with thanksgiving before God our loved ones who have died. At this service we claim God’s promises, praying that He will bring all who rest in Christ into the fullness of His kingdom where sins have been forgiven and death is no more.

If there is someone you would particularly like to be remembered at our All Souls’ Service, please add their names today to the list at the back of Church. The list will be available in Church till Sunday 28 October.