Is it time for a fresh start?

Is it time you made a fresh START?

*Would you like to know more about the Christian Faith?

*What do Christians believe and why do we believe it?

*How does being a Christian affect your life?

 Beginning Monday 10th September  there will be a new opportunity to do this when a new 6 session series of meetings called “START” begins. Whether you’ve been a Christian for ages or have just begun coming along to Church, this is a chance to explore a FRESH START. How about coming along and bringing someone new with you? Interested? Have a word with any of the Parish Leadership Team (0151 653 3366).

START discussion groups will meet in Room 4 of the Parish Centre from 7.30 – 9.00pm on the following Monday evenings:

10th September – Life is for living
17th September – Oh, my God!

1st October – Jesus who?
8th October – What’s gone wrong?

29th October – Dying to save us
5th November – Into the arms of love.

Considering confirmation?

If you have ever wondered what confirmation is and were considering being confirmed the Start meetings are a good place to begin- but you can join the meetings whether or not you are thinking about being confirmed, or are already confirmed.