Lindisfarne pilgrimage

A group of eleven men from our parish community travelled to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne from 20 to 22 October – following in the footsteps of St Cuthbert, one of the great saint of early Northumbrian Church.

Holy Island has a recorded history from the 6th century, and was an important centre of Celtic Christianity – indeed, possibly the holiest site of Anglo-Saxon England. The world famous ‘Lindisfarne Gospels’ originated from a monastic settlement on Holy Island in the early 8th century.

The island suffered at the hands of 8th century Viking raiders and 16th century religious Reformers, and for several hundred years its rich history was all but forgotten. Today, however, the island’s rugged scenery and spiritual history attract Christian pilgrims from across the world.

Like their medieval forebears, many pilgrims experience the island as a place of peace, worship and renewal, where the boundary between heaven and earth seems particularly ‘thin’.