Longest Night Service

Often in our lives, Christmas can be marked by expressions of joy, excitement, and happiness; a time when families and friends find joy in one another’s company.

At other points in our lives, it can be true that we experience sorrow or hurt at Christmas. When we have suffered a bereavement, or have felt loss or estrangement, this time of year can bring our sadness and pain into stark relief.

The ‘Longest Night’ Service is a reflective and contemplative service, held in late December, which recognizes that, for many different reasons, Christmas can bring mixed emotions into our lives. This gentle Service allows space to seek God wherever we are, and to express our longing for the promise of peace, wholeness and reconciliation which the Birth of Jesus Christ brings.

For some people, the ‘Longest Night’ service will seem the best way to mark Christmas in Church. For others, this will be just one of the Church Services they attend around the time of Christmas. Whichever pattern seems right to you, everyone is welcome to attend this beautiful service, which speaks to us of the coming of Light into the world two thousand years ago.

The ‘Longest Night’ Service takes place at St Saviour’s Church on Wednesday December 19th, at 7.30pm.