New Church Electoral Roll

This year we are required to produce a new Church electoral roll.

This means that everyone wanting to be on our Church’s roll for 2019 – 2025 needs to complete a new Church electoral roll form. Click on the link below for a form –

St Saviour’s Electoral Roll form 2019

Please complete an electoral roll form and return it to us. You can return it by:

  • placing it in the box at the back of the Parish Church; or
  • handing it in to the Parish Office; or
  • posting it to the Parish Office (Parish Office, St Saviour’s Parish Centre, Bidston Road, Oxton, CH43 2JZ); or
  • scanning it in, and returning it to us electronically at

Being on our electoral roll is a way of saying ‘I belong’ – saying that you feel part of the St Saviour’s family, and of the wider family of the Church worldwide. It means that you’ll be counted as part of the total number of people who feel committed to the Church of England – so it’s a way of helping the CofE witness to our nation. It also enables you to vote at our church’s annual meeting (the APCM). If you are eligible to join, we would love you to complete a form.

To be on our church electoral roll either you need to have worshipped at St Saviour’s or St Andrew’s regularly for at least the last six months or you need be resident within our parish’s boundaries. You should be baptised and at least 16 years old. If you are unsure of our parish’s boundaries, you can view them here.