Sermon Series – Teach us to pray!

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to sit down with Jesus, and to ask him anything you wanted? What would you ask him? For most of us, high up the list would be to ask Jesus to teach us to pray.

But in fact, one of the many blessings of having access to the New Testament is that we know that Christians before us have asked that question, and we know the answer Jesus gave. He taught them, and us, the short and intensely beautiful prayer which we call “the Lord’s Prayer”.

This is why St Augustine, the father of Western Christian thought, wrote in the fifth century that this one prayer contains the model for all Christian prayer (see Letter to Proba, XII, 22).

In our 10.45am informal services, we are spending the autumn working our way through the Lord’s Prayer. Want to learn how to pray? – or how to pray better? This is the Sermon Series for you!