Sermons on Jonah & Ruth

Christine got the sermon series on Jonah off to an excellent start at the family services on Sunday August 6th. In her sermon on Jonah chapter 1 she retells the story of Jonah and the storm through the eyes of one of the sailors who set to sea with Jonah from Joppa.

Christine also preached on August 13th on the famous story of Jonah and the big fish.  In her sermon on Jonah chapter 2, Christine tells the story of how she was once herself saved from the sea and focuses on how the story of Jonah is actually our own story, the story of how we turn our backs on God but God still seeks us out.

In Josie’s sermon on Jonah 3, preached on August 20th, we see Jonah given a second chance to be obedient to God and he bravely sets of to Nineveh to warn the people that their days are numbered. Reluctant as he is, his preaching has an amazing effect. It’s a story of God’s readiness to give anyone a second chance and his power to work through every one of us, however inadequate we may be and however scared we might feel.

Finally, in Joe’s sermon  on Jonah 4, from August 27th, we find out what’s really been making Jonah so reluctant to obey God right from the start. And the answer is quite surprising, shocking, even. The conclusion to the story challenges us to ask  ourselves what our reasons are for running away from God and what we truly think of God’s mercy.


Our Sermon Series on Ruth began on Sunday July 9th with Josie’s sermon on Ruth Chapter 1. Josie looks at the relationship between Ruth and her mother-in-law Naomi and asks how can we help others to find faith as Naomi helped Ruth.

Joe preached on July 16th. Joe’s sermon on Ruth chapter 2 looks at Ruth’s loving-kindness, and encourages us to see how we, like Ruth, can change the world.

Christine preached in the third part of our sermon series, on July 23rd. Christine’s Sermon on Ruth Chapter 3 considers Ruth’s willingness to make herself vulnerable to her potential redeemer and to trust God to tell her what to do next.

Allen brought our Ruth sermon series to a close on July 30th. Allen’s sermon on Ruth chapter 4 notices that Ruth and Naomi rely on someone else to redeem them. In this, and in contrast to so many contemporary redemption stories, Ruth’s story points us to Jesus and to the victory over sin and death which he won for us.