Electoral Roll

Electoral Roll

If you are a member of congregation here at St Saviour’s we’d love to invite you to become part of our  church electoral roll. Joining our roll is easy: simply complete an application form.

Once you have completed this form, please email it to office@oxtonstsaviour.co.uk

Being a member of the church’s electoral roll is a way of saying ‘I belong’. It means that you will be able to vote at the church’s annual meeting (the APCM). It also means that we are allowed to hold the information you give us on the form – for instance, your address.

During the coronavirus pandemic, while Public Worship is paused, a member of our Parish Leadership Team will aim to telephone each household on our Electoral Roll around once a month – just to check in with you and say hello. Each time we telephone we’ll ask permission to phone again.

To be on the church electoral roll you need to have worshipped at St Saviour’s regularly for at least the last six months or be resident in the parish. You should be baptised and at least 16 years old. If you are unsure of the parish boundaries, you can view them here.