Caring for our Church


The first role of our church buildings is to give God glory. They offer a fitting setting for God’s worship, and they provide a gathering place, a home for the Christian community, and a ‘base’ for the work of mission which God gives us.

What’s more, our church buildings offer the wider community a visible sign of God’s presence and of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are both ‘the house of God’s People’ and also ‘the house of God’, the place of God’s dwelling in a special way.

Caring for our beautiful church buildings is a great way to make a difference in the life of our parish family, and to offer praise to God himself.

To get involved in one of the following ways, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.



Church Cleaning

A number of teams work together to ensure that our parish church is clean and tidy, and a fitting place for God’s worship. All of these teams are made up of members of our parish family.

The teams meet both mornings and evenings, and provide their members with an opportunity to serve God in a practical way and a chance to care for (and spend quiet time in) a wonderfully beautiful building. They also offer a gentle workout (!)





Flowers in Church are a sign of Christian joy and an expression of our gratitude to God. 

Our Flower Guild is a group of church members with an interest in flower arranging. Some are very experienced, others are new to the craft and just beginning to learn.

As a group, the Flower Guild create floral arrangements for our weekly worship, and larger arrangements which help us to mark and celebrate the great festivals of the Church year.

In keeping with Church tradition, there are no flowers in Church in Advent and Lent.

Our flower guild is able to provide special arrangements in church for weddings.




Snow Patrol

When lying snow covers the paths inside the grounds of parish church, it’s important that we’re able to clear these paths as quickly as possible and to keep them clear.

This keeps people safe. But it also means that people can have confidence to come to Church in bad weather – and so it enables members of our church family to worship God.

Snow Patrol offers a great opportunity to join a group of people who arrange to clear paths in snowy weather, and so enable people to come to Church.