Pilgrim Course

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‘Pilgrim’ is an official Church of England course. In our parish, it currently runs on Tuesdays, over two terms per year (summer and autumn), and uses video and Bible Study resources, as well as input from our parish’s Ministry Team.

Pilgrim takes an approach different from that of other Christian programmes. It enables us to approach the great issues of faith by participating in a pattern of contemplation and discussion with a group of fellow travellers.

‘Pilgrim’ is a high quality product, and offers an excellent way to grow in faith and deepen our encounter with God. All are welcome.

Watch the Church of England’s promotional video for the Pilgrim Course, below.



Since 2014, we’ve been looking at a range of resources from the Pilgrim Course.

Throughout autumn 2016, some of our Study Fellowship Groups will be looking at Pilgrim Course material. To find out more, contact us.