Holy Week at home

Holy Week at home

Making a paper cross from a template

People up and down the country are putting homemade crosses in their windows for Holy Week (this week). Why not join in? You can find a template here.

Once you’ve decorated your cross, you might want to stick it up in your kitchen. Or you might attach it to your window, as a sign that Jesus is the best news in the most challenging of times.

Making a palm cross from paper – with no glue!

Every year lots of us look forward to Palm Sunday and we always come home with a Palm Cross to remind us that Jesus is both our King and our Saviour. We can’t do that this year. But we can make a Palm Cross for ourselves from paper. Simply follow the instructions in this video.

A prayer for children to say when they are making their paper cross

Each year at Church, a priest blesses our Palm Crosses. We can’t do that this year, but you can ask God to bless them at home!

Dear Father God, Thank you for your love for everyone and your care for the world. Help us to love each other. Help this cross to remind us of your love for all people, and to remind us to love other people. May people meet you God, as they see our Cross. Give us all hope and peace, as we know you. Amen.

Holy Week at home

For more ideas about activities you can do with your children to bring Holy Week alive for them, click here.

May God bless and keep you and your family this coming week.