Confirmation Preparation

Confirmation Preparation

Holy Baptism marks the beginning of the Christian life, and a new relationship with God. Through our Baptism, we are “reborn” and Christ unites us to himself. We become members of the Church, which is Christ’s Body, and we receive God’s forgiveness and a new freedom from the power which sin has over us.

At Confirmation, we reaffirm the faith into which we have been baptised and declare publicly our intention to live a life of committed discipleship. The confirming Bishop then places his or her hands on our head and prays that the Holy Spirit will give us strength to be faithful followers of Christ.

Confirmation Preparation

The Bishop of Birkenhead will confirm candidates at a special service at St Saviour’s, at 10.00am on Sunday 26 March 2023.

This service provides an opportunity for both adults and older children to be confirmed. Where an unbaptised adult or older child seeks Baptism, their Baptism and Confirmation take place together at this service.

Before you can be confirmed, you will need to attend a Confirmation Preparation Course. For young people in Year 6 at St Saviour’s School, we run a course at school. For everyone else, we run preparation courses here at church.

We ask adults who are interested in being confirmed to attend our Faith Matters course. The Faith Matters course is open to everyone – not just Confirmation candidates. But if you have not been previously confirmed, you have the option to get confirmed once you have completed the course. Faith Matters begins again in early 2023 and comprise six sessions.

For more information, or to register for the Faith Matters course, please contact us.