How do I get involved?

Everyone is invited to pray in their own ways. TKC produces resources each year to help us in joining in the prayer.

We have loads of exciting new resources on the way for Thy Kingdom Come 2021! As well as our refreshed regulars, such as the Prayer Journal and Novena, we also have some exciting new resources, including a Prayer Escape Room designed for young people, resources created in collaboration with the Cheeky Pandas, an updated Prayer Adventure Map, and many more! 

Thy Kingdom Come 2021

Adult resources to use at home

For many people, a core element of ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ is the annual Novena – a prayer said on nine days asking God to bless us. To this is added a prayer on Ascension Day and the Day of Pentecost, acting as ‘bookends’. So in total that makes 11 days of commiting to praying urgently for the three things listed above..

All of this global praying finds its roots in the example of the Apostles and the Blessed Virgin Mary. For we know that after the very first Ascension Day the Apostles gathered with Mary, devoting themselves to prayer while they waited for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

Simply click on the links below to see and download the TKC 2021 Novena booklet and also the accompanying prayer journal which has been written by Archbishop Stephen Cottrell.  

2021 Novena Booklet
2021 Prayer Journal

2021 Novena Booklet – Large Print
2021 Prayer Journal – Large Print

You can also download the award-winning Thy Kingdom Come app here for Google Play or here for Apple Store.

Our daily 10-minute online services 

At Noon each day between 13th and 23rd May, a member of our Parish Leadership Team will lead prayers for ten minutes on our Facebook page. We’d love you to join us!

Children’s resources

Children’s Resource #1: The Family Prayer Adventure Podcasts

The Family Prayer Adventure podcasts are a fun and engaging way for families to pray together. There is eleven in total – one for each day from 13th to 23rd May. Each one is around 10 minutes long.

Here they are!
Thursday 13th May – Jesus. To listen, click here
Friday 14th May – Praise. To listen, click here
Saturday 15th May – Thanks. To listen, click here
Sunday 16th May – Sorry. To listen, click here
Monday 17th May – Offer. To listen, click here
Tuesday 18th May – Pray for. To listen, click here
Wednesday 19th May – Help. To listen, click here
Thursday 20th May – Adore. To listen, click here
Friday 21st May – Celebrate. To listen, click here
Saturday 22nd May – Silence. To listen, click here
Sunday 23rd May – Thy Kingdom Come. To listen, click here

Each podcast features a game, an interactive Bible story (written and performed by folks like Bob Hartman), a chance to pray and great music. They’re a great way for families, or other mixed-age groups, to spend time with God each day of Thy Kingdom Come. 

Children’s Resource #2: TKC Cheeky Pandas Series

Cheeky Pandas and Thy Kingdom Come are partnering together to bring you a variety of free resources that seek to get children excited about Jesus, the Bible and prayer, and ultimately, help each child build a beautiful life-long relationship with Him… with some panda fun along the way!

We have a fun filled, bible-based broadcast series for use at home, featuring songs, animated stories, prayer and interviews with special guests. Alongside this, we have activity packs, service plans, a prayer book, a children’s app, and our Prayer Bears – each with an illustrated prayer book in their bag!

These free resources are designed to parents and carers in nurturing and encouraging children in their faith. 

  • Click here for an overview information sheet telling parents and carers all you need to know about this year’s TKC Cheeky Pandas resources.
  • Click here to download a lovely Cheeky Pandas Prayer book for children to use during TKC.
  • Click here for this year’s TKC Cheeky Pandas Activity Sheets, which accompany …

Children’s Resource #3: Digital Family Prayer Adventure Map

Click on the video above to watch Gemma (from CBeebies “Swashbuckle” and “Treasure Champs”) and Archbishop Justin playing with this year’s TKC Digital Family Prayer Adventure Map. 

This year, ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ Resources include an augmented reality app which can be used in collaboration with the map. This app is available for smart phones and tablets, on both Apple and Android. The app features daily games and videos which are all delivered through innovative augmented reality!

Due to the situation around Covid-19 TKC has re-worked the map so that it is now available in A4 and can be downloaded and printed at home by clicking here. It will still work with the augmented reality app, whether printed in colour or black and white.

To download lots of resources, click on the links below.

  1. You can download the map here for Google Play or here for Apple Store. Or you can print the A4 version here.
  2. Click here for instructions for the app.
  3. Click here for a sheet for taking notes during the game.
  4. Click here for a Bonus Activity sheet.
  5. Click here for the Hello Prayer Adventures.
  6. Click here to preview the Prayer Adventure Map Journal.
  7. Please note that not all devices are augmented reality capable. Here is a list of compatible devices.
  8. If you find that your device is not compatible, you can still view the content from the app here.

Some more information about the augmented reality app

The app has also been updated with a non-AR experience for non compatible phones and for use without a physical prayer map.

So how does it work? Download the app by searching TKC MAP AR in your app store and open it up. You can now select your game play mode, using AR and a physical map, or in non-AR mode.

If you have an android phone without AR capability, you will find that your phone will try to send you to the google app store when you launch the app. Instead of doing this, please click the device’s back button (found on the bottom left hand side of your screen). By clicking this back button, you will launch the non-AR version of the games.

Things to do before 13 May…

Prayerfully choose five people to pray for, and pray during these 11 days (13 to 23 May) that they would know the transforming love of Christ.
Set a time each day when you will take a moment of prayer. You only need about 10 minutes. Or you could join us at Noon each day at our Facebook page or Prayer Telephone line.
Set a reminder on your phone, a note on your fridge or somewhere visible to prompt you to pray each day.

In praying ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ we all commit to playing our part in the renewal of the nations and the transformation of communities. 

Archbishop Justin Welby